How to Gain Weight: The Basics


As per  enter WHO reports, about 30% of the world population is either overweight or obese. However, there are people struggling at the other end of the spectrum too with the problem of being too skinny and to gain weight. Around 20% of the world population is recorded to be skinny. Today  isotretinoin 10mg tablets express shipping will explain what exactly is being “underweight” and will also explain how to gain weight in the safest ways possible.

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Firstly, you need to realize that being underweight is as bad for your health as being overweight and can lead to several health issues. And curing the issue at its core is critical to put you back on track to a healthy lifestyle. Even if you are clinically underweight or simply a hard gainer, the road to redemption would be the same in both the cases.


What Is Being “Underweight”?


It is the condition in which human body records a body mass index [BMI] below 18.5 which is less than the threshold needed to perpetuate optimal health. On the other hand, over 25 would be considered overweight and over 30 can be termed as obese. Being underweight is pretty common among young women as compared to men.


Calculate your BMI using this  allopurinol 300 mg buy calculator.


Being Skinny: Health Issues


  • 80% risk of early death in men, 65% risk among women
  • It can hamper body’s immune system
  • It can raise your risk of catching infections
  • It can lead to Osteoporosis and fractures
  • It can lead to fertility problems
  • It puts you at a greater risk of Dementia


Identify the causes


1] Eating disorders: Some studies show that eating disorders are genetic to some extent. Depression, anger, anxiety, stress or loneliness can lead to eating disorders which may get critical.


2] Thyroid problems: Some people suffer because of an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) which boosts the metabolism and leads to unhealthy weight loss.


3] Celiac disease: Gluten intolerance that leads to damage in small intestine which affects the digestion of food-nutrients.


4] Diabetes: Type1 diabetes in severe cases can lead to weight loss


5] Cancer: People suffering from cancerous tumours may face issues like severe weight loss as these tumours burn off a lot of calories.


6] Infections: Infections like Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS can lead to weight loss rapidly in some cases.


How to Gain Weight: Naturally and Safely


It is a common saying: eat big to get big, but if you don’t monitor the source of your calories, then you might be making your body vulnerable to unhealthy fats. Gulping down sodas, doughnuts and french fries may help you gain weight but that would just be unhealthy fat. You should be aiming to increase the muscle mass in the body.


Eat more calories than you Burn: As a basic principle, you need to consume more calories than you burn in order to create a caloric surplus for growth. Initially aim for an increase of 300-500 calories per day and then increase it upto 700-1000 calories.


Use any of these tools to monitor your calories.


Eat more Protein: The base for gaining healthy weight is increasing the amount of protein you take. Include protein-rich foods in your diet like meat, eggs, fish, dairy, nuts etc. Protein units are the building blocks of our muscle fibres, an increase in protein intake will help your body to increase the muscle mass.


Multiple meals a day: When you are eating healthy foods, your digestion improves and thus your metabolism starts speeding up. Don’t skip any meals, especially breakfast and try to divide your diet into 5-6 healthy meals a day to keep your hunger at bay.


Know your Macros:  Balancing out the macros in your diet is vital, don’t make the mistake of avoiding carbs and fats, just because someone suggested you to focus on protein. Know your macros well and have balanced meals to have all the essential nutrients.


Consume Energy Dense Foods: Go for whole foods most of the times and avoid junk foods as much as you can. This will not only provide you the vital nutrients but will also keep you full for long duration and supply ample energy to carry out your day-to-day tasks.


Regular and Intense Workouts: Make sure that these extra calories that you take, should not get stored as idle body fat. Instead get going and put these calories to use. As a beginner, we recommend you to workout 3-4 days a week:

  • Focus on weightlifting,especially compound movements
  • Go for High Intensity Cardio sessions
  • Slowly and steadily increase the weights and the frequency of your training


Changing lifestyle is easier said than done, start with one change at a time and persist with it. Gradually bring in new things into the fold and enjoy the journey while you do it. Leading a healthy lifestyle is not difficult if you have the right knowledge. Our team at will help you in your journey to be your  watch #bestversion.