How to Build Muscles?


Newbies rush to the gym with a single thought in their mind that they are going to workout and instantly start looking beefed up within days. Sadly, it is easier said than done. No denying that working out intensely is important, but it is your overall approach towards fitness that makes or breaks your gains. Today,  source url will list down the basic guide which you can follow to build muscle mass efficiently.

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click Strength is Size:

Always remember, more strength equals more muscle. The heavier weights you lift,the stronger your body gets which leads to muscle growth. With regular increase in workload, your muscles gain substantial size so that you can lift heavier weights. Start off by focusing on perfecting the movement patterns first, once accustomed to the exercises, try to increase the amount of weight slowly and steadily to build up strength thus muscle mass.


Compound Exercises:

Don’t be afraid of compound exercises because they seem difficult.The more you challenge your body, the better will be the growth response. Exercises like Bench Press, Deadlifts,Squats etc should be your priority. Perfect these exercises first and then move onto the isolation routine, these will not only help you build strength and muscle but also keep the fat away.


Increase Frequency:

As a beginner, it is okay to workout 2-4 days a week. But once you get accustomed to lifting weights, aim to hit the iron 5-6 days a week consistently. This will not only give you optimum strength but also help you build a proportionate physique.


Recovery is Key:

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that workouts without rest will give you more muscles. If you don’t let your muscles recover from the micro damage done in the weight room then you will definitely end up disappointed with your results. Make sure that you rest 1-2 days per week to let your muscles rest and be prepared for the next week’s assault.


Nutrition Guide


Eat more:

Your body needs fuel to work and grow at the same time. Working out will help you get stronger but if you don’t fuel your body properly then even the best of the workout wouldn’t yield any results. Aim to get into a caloric surplus state wherein you take more calories than you burn and you will have sufficient raw material to speed up the bulking process.


Eat clean:

Don’t exaggerate the previous point and start eating whatever food you find. Be smart, know your macros and plan your diet accordingly so that you supply your body with all the vital nutrients for growth. Try to consume more of home-cooked foods and avoid junk food as much as possible.


More Protein:

Protein is the building block that builds new muscle in your body, if you don’t intake enough of it on a regular basis then your body wouldn’t be able to build new muscles to recover from the damage done during the workouts. Protein rich foods should be pivotal in all of your meals, you need 0.5g protein /1lb body weight on a daily basis to have optimum muscle growth. So, for a guy weighing 160 pounds, the daily need of protein would be 80 grams.



Relying only on your protein shakes and multivitamins to fuel your body is the wrong approach. But there is no denying that supplements are fairly important to help you fulfill the nutrient-requirements effectively and easily. Aim to have whole foods as much as you can in your daily diets, but also enhance your healthy diet with vital supplements.


Be Realistic

Just because you saw some movie star flaunting muscles on-screen and decided to become a bad-ass macho within days, would not help you in anyway. What you see on-screen is a result of months of training along with healthy nutrition. So don’t be eager to get the results quickly, rather focus on learning the process thoroughly and take it step-by-step towards your #fitnessgoals.

But don’t panic, will be your guide in this transformation and our team of experts will layout the most effective and safest approach for you to follow and be your best version.