buy orlistat online with no prescription Fitness Goals: What Motivates You?


Our Stone-Age ancestors didn’t have the liberty like us to slouch on a couch all day long, they had to keep moving in order to search for food and survival was the only thing that mattered no matter what it took, and getting 3 meals a day was never an assurance so that was the natural instinctive approach of humans which continued like that for a very long time along with the progressive development of human civilization.

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But the Industrial Revolution in late 1700’s was about to replace human activity with machines, thus pushing us away from all the physical loads, and eventually eradicating the survival-of-the-fittest theory from its roots.
Feeling hungry? Food gets delivered at your doorsteps.
Want to travel? Get in your car and without literally moving for hours, you can cover miles which would have taken days or weeks for our grandparents to travel.


There is no denying that the advancement in Science and Technology has made life easier for us, but human bodies were not designed to lay around all day doing nothing. We are supposed to be moving all the day long, rather than sit all day long with some screen staring right at us, be it your computers, cellphones, tablets etc. Even though all of us are not sitting around just to kill our time, most of us have jobs that require us to be seated in one place for hours which is challenging our physical anatomy.


And to add to the problems,we have a whole lot of junk foods readily available that has completely dismantled the natural eating pattern of “eat when you are hungry”. People these days keep shoving food down their throats just because they don’t have anything to do which has simply led to a new generation of people loaded with unwanted calories, not willing to move an inch of their muscle and this exorbitant shift in lifestyle has been one of the major causes of people being diagnosed with all kinds of health issues.


Fortunately, things seem to be changing of late, people are getting more aware of the fact that physical well-being must not be ignored and this mass awareness has grown so much that fitness industry is booming rapidly and is on its way to become one of the most powerful human revolutions of all times.



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But taking that first step towards a lifestyle change can be a daunting task and most of us feel lost while choosing a path to follow, if you are someone who has lived a life of an immovable sloth, then the very thought of workout can be quite scary and the fact that you will have to give up those calorically dense foods can be devastating. But at that very moment of fright, you need to ask yourself: What motivates you? Why do you want to be a better version of yourself? Now this is something that no one will be able to crack for you, you will have to figure this one out on your own: Do you simply want to look good? Want to impress someone? Aspire to be a sportsperson?, It could be anything but without this reason, the efforts wouldn’t be there.

Beginners can be broadly divided into two categories:
1] People looking to lose fat/weight

2] People looking to bulk up or build muscles


No one wants to look too skinny or too chubby and both these cases are a result of an unhealthy lifestyle: lack of nutritious food and exercise.


And the journey towards both these fitness goals begin with a healthy and a wholesome nutritional approach, no matter how fast or how slow your metabolism is, if you are not monitoring the source of your calories, you are doomed to look unhealthy forever.


Our daily foods can be divided into three categories based on the nutrients they provide us:

1] Protein

2] Carbohydrates

3] Fats


A balanced combination of these macro-nutrients will make sure that you are supplying your body with the best fuel. Click here to know more about these macro-nutrients and the sources through which you can have them.


get link The Next Step: Make a Move


If you are able to get your diet under check and are able to replace your cravings for junk food with delicious yet healthy food options, Congratulations! 60-70% of job is done, the remaining 30-40% task is going to be a variable approach depending upon your goals:


Mere Fat Loss:

Some people are content with the fact that they have a fat-free lean physique and a fairly active body, if that is you then you can stick to a moderate workout routine wherein you lift weights[ focus majorly on compound exercises] for a maximum of 3 days per week, combined with progressive cardio sessions 2-3 days per week, depending upon schedule. This will help you to get rid of the unnecessary fat and keep you moderately active and help you stay leaner in the long run.


prednisolone acetate buy Build Muscles:

Aesthetics is what you aim for!! Let’s face it guys, the only reason most of the guys want to workout is have that chiseled body to get the attention from ladies and fairly so that is how Nature intended us to be. But to have something that most people don’t, you have to put in that extra effort that most people can’t, your workouts have to be consistent, progressive and intense throughout the week.

> You should start off with classic compound exercises like Bench Press, Deadlifts, Squats etc and build a solid base for yourself

> Then slowly and progressively start targeting individual muscle groups to not only enhance strength but also gain some serious muscle mass

> If you can complement the muscle tone with fat reduction then you will see yourself moving towards a chiseled body in a very short time. Fat reduction can be increased if you induce some high intensity conditioning and cardio in your workout plans for at least 1-2 days per week. You can opt for any of the HIIT programmes available online and keep switching them every now and then


Be an Athlete:

The last category is the people who aspire to do well in sports, probably as a part of High School/ College Team or even State Level Athletes, training smart and with high intensity is a prerequisite for you folks. Your workouts would majorly consist of high intensity conditioning and cardio sessions for at least 3-4 days to help you increase your stamina and keep you agile and fatigue-free for longer durations, you can combine that with weight lifting sessions for 2-3 days a week which should include compound exercises and regular strength exercises performed explosively to help you gain ample strength while keeping the energy levels high.


So eventually it boils down to you and your goals, do some introspection and find out what is it that motivates you and makes you put that extra effort to change your life for ever and for good.


Once you have that figured out, let us be your guide and help you achieve your #fitnessgoals.