Abs Workout: Core of Steel


“Six-pack abs” would definitely be at the top of the list of factors that motivate people to join a gym. Movie-stars flaunting their well well-chiseled core have been inspiring loads of men to workout and be a better version of themselves. Today  buy modafinil next day delivery get8abs.com rolls out an abs workout to build that core of steel. This would be easy to follow and will hit the entire core section and not just the abs.abs workout


Yes, you heard it right, abdominal muscles are not the only thing that forms your core. Obliques are a muscle group that gets neglected all the time and that is why most of the people do not get the desired results from their ab-workout, because without obliques it would not be effective.


http://antiquewarehousemall.com/2012/05/459/ The Circuit:


http://datasciencemelbourne.com/datathon2016/wp-includes/certificates/fulton-county-public-records-ga.html 1] Cable Woodchop [12-15 reps per side]:

  • Set up the cable machine above your head and stand a little behind the post
  • With your arms fully extended, twist your body to the other side
  • While rotating, initiate the movement with your hips and squeeze your abs at the last moment
  • It is a dynamic move to target the abs as well as the obliques
  • Switch between both the sides without rest


2] Hanging Knee Raise [10 reps]:

  • Hang from a pullup bar, start off with your pelvis tilted backwards
  • Move your knees up at a slow pace and try to go as high as possible
  • Try to avoid swinging and come down slowly and focus on squeezing your abs


3] Weighted Decline Crunch [10 reps]:

  • Set up a decline bench and grab a weight plate or a dumbbell as per your strength level
  • Keep your shoulder blades pressed to the bench while starting off
  • Initiate the upward movement with your chin first
  • You don’t have to go too high, make sure to hold at the top position for maximum tension


4] Cable Crunches [12-15 reps]:

  • Set up the cable machine with rope attachment at the top position
  • Hold the ropes and get down on your knees
  • Keep the ropes closed and your arms sticking to your head
  • Squeeze your abs while bringing the rope down with a rounded back
  • Aim to touch your knees with your elbows


5] Hanging Knee Raise with a Twist [10 reps both sides]:

  • Bring your knees up just like a normal hanging raise but aim to twist them to one side at the top
  • And then do the same thing to the other side
  • Movement patterns is quite similar to the previous exercise
  • But this will hit the obliques more than the abs


6] Single Hand Cable Crunch with Twist [10 reps both sides]:

  • It is a modified version of the cable crunch
  • Use a single handle and bring the handle down in a twisting fashion
  • Aim to touch your right knee with the left elbow and vice versa
  • This again will incorporate more of the obliques than the abs


So there you have the perfect workout to burn the core within minutes. Now this is a complete circuit, if you are an advanced lifter, do the complete circuit without resting. If you are new to training your abs then you might want to have a breather in-between the sets.


Aim to repeat the circuit 2-3 minutes and your core would definitely be begging for mercy!!


Watch the complete abs wokout circuit here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwgkDai1epk