Chest Workout

go site Chest is one of the most prominent muscle groups in human body. Apart from the functionality of the upper body, a fully developed chest gives you aesthetic advantage as well. Chest workout is the go to option for every lifter to start off their week. An ideal workout plan should induce chest workouts effectively so as to help the lifter target all the parts, i.e. upper chest, lower chest, middle chest and inner chest.


Google “chest workout” and you will be flooded with search results wherein everyone claims to give you the best chest workout ever. And all you find is the same bunch of exercises, in slightly different sequence. And that is a fact, you don’t need to complicate your workouts with frequent changes in the routine and fancy moves. You need to focus on the basic moves and aim for progressive overload to maintain the mind and muscle connection.


In this section, will cover all the aspects of an effective workout for chest and will demonstrate each and every exercise precisely for you to follow along. Warming up before any workout session is a must, the same goes with the this workout too. Go for dynamic stretching prior to your workout so as to loosen up your body. Then in order to develop the mind and muscle connection, perform all the basic pressing moves with lighter weights and get yourself accustomed to the movement patterns. This will not only help you to hit the desired muscle groups effectively but will also make you less vulnerable to injuries.


You can either target all the muscle groups in a single workout or you can divide your workout and hit it twice to keep the hypertrophy going throughout the week. Primarily we divide the focus in a chest workout into three muscle groups: