Back Workout  

enter site Back is the biggest muscle group in human body and of utmost importance as well as the posterior chain is not only important to generate strength but also vital for correct body posture. But despite being such a prominent muscle group, most novice lifters tend to ignore their back workouts for the simple reason that if it is not visible then the muscle is not important. And this is the reason that most people keep slogging day in and day out working their anterior muscles: Chest, Biceps, Shoulders.  

Exercises targeting the back muscles require consistency in order to master them and establish the required mind and muscle connection. That is the reason that most people tend to shy away from back workouts, convincing themselves that they are better off with training the other major muscle groups. But you need to realize that the human body is a kinetic chain and no muscle group works independently, we need all the muscles to coordinate so as to function properly in our day to day lives.

In this section, will cover all the aspects of an effective back workout and will demonstrate each and every exercise precisely for you to follow along. Warming up before any workout session is a must, the same goes with the back workout too. Go for dynamic stretching prior to your workout so as to loosen up your body. Then in order to develop the mind and muscle connection, perform all the basic pulling moves with lighter weights and get yourself accustomed to the movement patterns. This will not only help you to hit the desired muscle groups effectively but will also make you less vulnerable to  injuries. This section will cover the weighted as well as bodyweight exercises to get you that V-taper back.

You can either target all the muscle groups in a single workout or you can divide your back workout and hit it twice to keep the hypertrophy going throughout the week.