Arms Workout: Killer Supersets


Amrs Workout

Shredded and vascular arms is all it takes for someone to tell that you workout and that is the goal for most of the people go here : to look good and get attention from the ladies!! And your arms is the only body part which is visible most of the times, that is why you see most of the folks doing the curls arms workout all the time. If you are one of those guys, stop right there! Because is going to detail out a systematic arm workout with a lot of killer supersets for you to train your arms effectively and safely.


Remember these pointers before you train your arms next time:


buy provigil france 1] Train the triceps:

Most of the guys don’t know this for a fact that triceps form ⅔ of your arms so their muscle mass is more than biceps. So training biceps only and neglecting triceps is the worst thing you can do to grow your arms size. Give equal weightage to both and get those sleeve-stretching arms effectively.


2] Everyday is not Arms-Day:

Since most of the guys are obsessed with big biceps, that is why you see most of them doing various curls almost everyday without realizing that over training a muscle has adverse effects rather than helping you grow. Try not to hit the arms more than twice a week and follow a well balanced workout approach as your arms already feel the stress in almost all the other muscle workouts.


So without further ado, let us walk you through the workout:


1st Superset:


Olympic Barbell Curls [3 sets, 15/12/10 reps]:

For curls, pull your shoulders back and stick your chest out and perform the curls so as to put adequate stress on the biceps. Increase the weight with each set and thus decrease the reps.


Bench Tricep Dips [3 sets, 15/12/10 reps]:

Immediately after the curls, switch to tricep dips on the bench with a dumbbell between your legs. Don’t go too low as this could damage your rotator cuffs, increase the weight with each set on this exercise too.


Drop set:

The 4th set is going to be a drop set, for bicep curls go for 8 reps initially, drop the weight and rep out 5 more and immediately switch to bench dips. On bench dips, do 10 weighted reps and then 10 bodyweight reps.


2nd Superset:


Dead Hang Hammer Curls [4 sets, 10 reps]:

Set up your arms on the back side of the preacher curl bench so that you can have maximum stretch on the biceps and this would help you to target the “brachialis” muscle on the bicep i.e. the outer part of the bicep muscle. It also helps you to increase your grip strength.


Dumbbell Tricep Extensions [4 sets, 10 reps]:

Immediately after the curls, get the dumbbell behind your neck and rep out the tricep extensions to hit the triceps optimally, especially the long head of the triceps.


**Keep switching between arms after short rest periods to have increased time-under-tension, thus more growth in the muscles.


3rd Superset:


Close Grip Bench Press [4 sets, 10 reps]:

Set up your torso on the bench by retracting those shoulder blades, keep your grip at shoulder width or a little less. Keep your elbows tucked-in to have maximal stress on the triceps. This is a great exercise to build muscle mass in the triceps.


Skull Crushers [4 sets, 10 reps]:

Keeping the tension on the triceps, we jump onto Skull Crushers. Keep your elbows locked in and move the E-Z bar in a controlled range of motion to stretch and squeeze the triceps properly.


Seated Bicep Curls [4 sets, 10 reps]:

Moving to target biceps, hold the dumbbells with an offset grip, i.e. holding the top of the dumbbell to have a better mind-muscle connection while contracting the biceps.


That is a Giant-set baby!!! Keep Pushing……


4th Superset: Isolation exercises


Mid range Curls [4 sets, 15/12/12/10 reps]:

\Set the cable machine at the chest level, keep the elbows elevated and curl the bar to the chin. This is effective for isolating the biceps as there is constant tension on the muscle which means more time-under-tension.


Reverse Tricep Extensions [4 sets, 15/12/12/10 reps]:

Using the same set-up, turn around, engage the core and start repping out those reverse tricep extensions to maximally hit all three heads of the triceps. Again increased time-under-tension for the muscle.


We guarantee that at the end of this superset-oriented workout, your arms would be screaming out of pain and soreness. But that is the kind of pump you want to chase if Hypertrophy is one of your #fitnessgoals.


Keep Pushing, Keep Growing!!


Step-by-step tutorial for the Arms workout: