enter site With the world getting more conscious about fitness, workouts, “diet&nutrition” and an overall healthy lifestyle, we see a whole new generation of fitness enthusiasts trying to gain as much knowledge as possible and at the same time there is a growing breed of fitness coaches-cum-experts willing to preach you all the insights and shortcuts to help you achieve that Greek-God physique that you envy whenever you see a buffed up movie star in a latest flick.

http://taxi-24.eu/index.php?itemid=107' With an easy access to Internet, everyone is out there shoving up their theories and plans up your face but there is no hard and fast process to achieve your fitness goals because goals vary from people to people, so should vary your fitness plans and nutrition approach.

source url Every fitess expert claiming to have decoded the secret for you, it gets intimidating and confusing as to whom to believe and follow and most of us end up being lost and wanting in the process to achieve our fitness dreams and that is why most of the NEWBIES fade away in a month of two because they try too much too fast and are always looking for shortcuts and short-term achievements, all of which is just a hoax and by the time you realize that, the discontent creeps in and you convince yourself that probably you are not made for this stuff.

We at My6abs.com are a group of fitness junkies who had tasted this betrayal from the online-gurus and failed miserably in our quest to achieve that dream body. But decided not to give up, instead we switched our approach and began a new journey of enlightening ourselves first and experimenting so as to have a better grip of the facts and the myths.

And this platform was built with only one goal:- To filter out and provide the best of the internet knowledge base and to bust the fitness myths that have been baffling you folks and customize the workout plans and your nutritional aproach according to your body type and your fitness goals. Let us be your guide in your quest to be the best version of yourself and stay healthy and safe in the long run.

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There are no short-cut approach to success but there is always a smart one.

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