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Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill: Kryptonian Fitness

Henry Cavill became the face to revive DC’s poster-boy character: The Superman. With Man of Steel, DC aimed to strengthen their foothold in the superhero genre and Henry Cavill looked every bit suited for the character and his physical transformation was a testament to his dedication towards reshaping himself, since then he has been getting…

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Legs Workout

Best Legs Workout

buy paroxetine Best Legs Workout Legs workout day is one of the most dreaded day for gym-junkies and majority of the so-called fitness freaks look for reasons to skip it and that is why you see so many people walking around with heavily built upper body with chicken legs. This not only looks pathetic, but a weak…

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shoulders workout

Best Soulders Workout

Shoulder Workout: Beginner to Intermediate Lifters     “Boulder Shoulders” is a term that you must have already listened to a million times and will surely keep hearing it for the times to come, because when it comes to that V-Taper look that everyone craves for, a well developed set of shoulders is a must.…

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back workout

Best Back Workout

  Complete Back Workout   Today we are going to attack the back workout: the posterior chain that not only gives you the width as a bodybuilder but also helps you correct your posture and the fact that these muscles are literally in use throughout the day, you simply can’t skip the back workout, whether…

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chest Workout

5 Best Chest Workouts

Monday: The International Chest Workout Day, While everyone talks about the horrors of Monday, a gym buff always gets pumped up to work out the most prominent muscle group, i.e.Chest. There are plenty of exercises you can opt for to torture your pecs, but you surely don’t want to waste time in guess work and try…

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Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra : Lean and Mean

Hollywood’s latest import from India, Priyanka Chopra has been nothing short of a rising star and is getting pretty famous among the American fans lately. Her amazing acting skills, coupled with a smile-to-die-for has made her the latest buzz in tinseltown. Though her outing in Baywatch was not something to boast about, but it highlighted…

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get 8 abs

How to Get 8 Abs ?

Having a muscular and defined core is every guy’s dream, and the biggest motivation to start working out. Most of the guys join a gym with an unparalleled enthusiasm, but slowly and steadily fade away. Expecting too much too early while trying something new is a defeating symptom on its own. Today, get8abs.com will go…

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Nutrition: Know your Macros

Human body is an amazing machine and the kind of food you intake is going to determine that how well it would function and will ensure its safe longevity. Pre-Industrial era people didn’t have the option of consuming processed and packaged foods, there were no chemicals to contaminate natural foods so quality of food was…

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Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke: The Fittest Khaleesi

Emilia Clarke who plays the role of Daenerys Targaryen in the block-buster series Game Of Thrones has become exceedingly popular since she first appeared on the show. From a meek and helpless girl, her character transformed into one of the most badass babes in Showbiz history. The other highlight of the “Mother of Dragons” has…

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